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1008 Beach Ave #106

Vancouver, BC V6E 1T7

People on a
mission to redefine
the world

Life’s too short to get stuck in the weeds of incrementalism and corporate routine

We’re entrepreneurs at heart and we like working with entrepreneurial clients — folks wild and visionary enough to garner eye rolls and sneers while they keep on smashing limits and rewriting the rules of business.

Brands we’ve worked with, past and present:

Dozens of awards in product innovation, brand storytelling, and design

People seem to think our work is rather good.

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Strong Relationships

We’re committed to expanding the impact of the people and companies who work with us.

“Design House Collective’s rebranding process lit our imaginations and hearts on fire, launching us into one of the most fertile and productive periods in the history of our company.”

Craig MacGillivray CEO and Co-founder, Wealthvox

“Treya, Design House, you are the future now.”

Chip Wilson Founder and former CEO, Lululemon

“I always leave meetings with the DHC team feeling energized, creative, and excited. Their commitment to our success is palpable, and their work is mind-blowingly good.”

Sandi Kinghorn Controller, Kinghorn Financial and Kinghorn Law

“We exist to challenge what is possible and we are doing that in even the most unforeseen circumstances. Thank you Design House Collective for helping us be a force in the world for people to achieve their fitness goals!”

Jamie Armstrong Founder, Method Indoor Cycling

“We could not have selected a more effective team to help us express our deep commitment to realize the full potential of humanity. Nobody in the branding space even comes close to the powerhouse that is DHC.”

Gillian Maxwell and Richard Kay Founders, The Sentinel


We partner with Vanto Group to help
clients lead transformational initiatives.