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Andreanne Morissette

Art Director + Senior Designer

Born and raised in Montreal, Andréanne Morissette studied graphic design at the Design School at the University of Quebec as well as at Estienne, one of the top art schools in Paris. During her studies, she developed an affinity for working with pliant, hands-on media, gravitating to methods such as painting, developing film, screenprinting, linocut, and a variety of printmaking techniques. She takes enjoyment from creative processes that involve working with your hands, where no two pieces end up being exactly alike.

After completing two degrees in design, Morissette’s taste for nature and adventure brought her to the west coast where she joined Design House Collective. Born of her lifelong fascination with pushing her body and facing nature head on, she is frequently involved in endeavors that take her beyond her known limits. She has cycled across Canada and down the west coast of the United States, camped and surfed in the crushing cold of winter, and completed a 100K ultramarathon through trails in the Okanagan, not to mention regularly snowboarding, mountain biking and engaging in as many outdoor pursuits as she can.

Morissette attributes many of her successes as a designer to her thirst for knowledge and curiosity about the world. She believes that reality is most malleable when it is perceived with youthful, playful eyes, and with a wide open heart. Viewing design as a way to deliver powerful messages that change how people interact with the world, she has a penchant for translating ideas into powerful statements that transform the business landscape. In her role at DHC, Morissette is committed to elevating the atmosphere of the spaces she is in and contributing a high level of positive energy to the team.

Morissette is fluent in French and English. She is currently learning to play the guitar.