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Emma Sluchinski

Designer + Founder of Black Label

Whether touring factories in mainland China, elevating the graphic design program at an international activewear retailer, building a lifestyle channel on youtube, or overseeing photoshoots on the shores of Mykonos, Emma Sluchinski draws on a deep well of resourcefulness and creativity to bring her ideas to life. The emerging tastemaker and style icon grew up in an extremely talented family of apparel designers, who inspired her from an early age to pursue her dreams. Currently the leading lady of Black Label—a spicy beachwear brand she launched at the sprightly age of 19—Sluchinski is known for her driven work ethic, attention to detail, and ability to translate modern day swimming apparel with vintage styling.

In addition to her passion for creating beautiful—and beautifully made—artefacts that stun and inspire, Sluchinski brings her education in marketing and her entrepreneurial mindset to her role at DHC. She is committed to making the people around her successful and enhancing the company’s ability to propel clients toward the realization of their dreams.