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Vancouver, BC V6E 1T7

Georgia Mashford

Senior Designer

Georgia Mashford is a Vancouver-based creative force whose design journey began with a diverse program encompassing graphic design, interior design, marketing, visual merchandising, and tradeshow/exhibit design. Her remarkable talent garnered recognition from peers and mentors. An avid traveler, Georgia’s adventures have fostered an appreciation for sunsets as an endless source of inspiration and connection to the world. Nature serves as her sanctuary, where she rejuvenates and discovers tranquility through outdoor activities like hiking, tennis, and immersing herself in the splendor of the forest.

Alongside her design expertise, Georgia delved into freelancing, successfully running her own company for a year and a half. However, her unquenchable curiosity propelled her to explore new avenues, seeking fresh opportunities for growth and creativity.

Georgia’s artistic pursuits expand beyond design, encompassing art, crafts, guitar playing, and singing. Her infectious enthusiasm and boundless creativity radiate through her work, embodying the awe-inspiring beauty of our surroundings.