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Gord Carson

Founder + Brand Director

Gordon Carson started his early career as a TV director.  He has filmed in over 20 countries across the globe, in locations ranging from mountain tops to the ocean’s floor. With nearly 400 credits to his name, he has directed television series, documentaries, commercials and brand videos.

Recently Carson turned his sights away from television to working as a brand director and senior management consultant at Design House Collective.  There Carson conducts extensive market research and analysis of the brands he works with.   He’s helped many brands through his consulting on innovative strategies based on keen insight, ideas and recommendations to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace for these companies.

Carson was educated in Marketing and Advertising as well as Film before founding Planet Pictures, which grew rapidly to become the top production house in Ottawa, ranking amongst the most sought after firms in the country. His directorial skill and creativity have garnered national and international acclaim, winning awards too numerous to list including Best TV Ad Campaign at the Lotus Awards, Gold at New York Festivals, Golden Sheaf at Yorkton Festival, Gold at the Mercury Awards New York, Platinum at MUSE Awards New York, Grand at the NYX Video Awards, and Gold Camera at the US Chicago Awards.

At his foundation, he is an adventurer, at play as much as at work. He takes profound joy and inspiration from getting off the beaten track and exploring the world while travelling, whether scuba diving off the Gili islands, doing off-road motorcycle trips in Thailand, hiking, sailing, snowboarding, running, or meeting other travelers.

Carson takes pleasure in giving back to the creative industries. He served on the board of a major film and television association and co-founded an awards show for the industry in Ottawa. His greatest joy, however, comes from his children and from seeing them succeed, as well as from his family as a whole. He lives in West Vancouver, Canada, with his wife, Treya.