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Teal Carson

Vice President

With a background fusing the creative industries, entrepreneurship, and managerial roles in fast-paced, deadline-driven environments, Teal Carson is well-positioned to steer DHC’s clients towards success. Her personal commitments to foster beauty in the world and to be of service to others make her a formidable champion of outstanding creative work. She ensures that projects are delivered on time and on budget with exceptional results. 

Carson’s career involved progressively senior roles in Vancouver’s distinguished hospitality industry, where she received frequent recognition for increasing sales and enhancing the overall customer experience. By her early twenties, she was swiftly promoted into top management roles in some of the city’s busiest restaurants. 

Having studied pattern-making and fashion along with sewing, Carson nurtured her entrepreneurial side through the establishment of a leathercraft business. With a penchant for curating and creating unique items not found in mass-market channels, she constructed and operated several pop-up stores at busy locations and events where she made her artisanal works available along with select vintage clothing items. 

Music is by far Carson’s deepest and most enduring passion. In addition to starting a band and releasing an album in 2019, she has written her own music for numerous songs, and most recently starred in her own about-to-be released music video. Performing music is a profoundly rewarding form of self expression for her, and she draws on the same inner well of resourcefulness, passion, and intuition to advance in this area as in her other pursuits.

Having grown up on Bowen island with two extremely talented creative parents, one of whom is an award-winning filmmaker, Carson spent much of her youth either in nature or on film sets. Having spent time both in front of and behind the camera, she has a well honed appreciation for the dynamics of production. When she isn’t involved in similar creative endeavors these days, she continues to possess a love for being in the forest, a place where she can truly recharge and reconnect with what is most important.